Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Its Aamir Khan now?

No one, repeat, no one, and if you didn't get it, NO ONE, can hide or escape from the deep, probing eyes and the vast reach of Indian Justice System. Its wisdom, maturity and fairness make it a God even bigger than all the Indian God Men put together - sorry God Men Ji but let truth be known to mankind - and as the saying goes "sadhu se bada tarazu" which translated is "साधू से बडा तराजू"

And its no wonder or surprise that Indian Justice System rocks. After all so many judges and magistrates are followers of these bearded, smiling man led organizations - STOP RIGHT HERE, DOUBTER(s), these ever smiling bearded men are qualified in subjects that Harvard, IIT, MIT, even primary school in Kalba Devi cannot match because these qualifications are handed down directly from God above to the ever smiling bearded man - a beard because God demands beard, and God demands a frozen, pasted smile that denotes inner peace and happiness not retarded-ness, understand that, and never forget - so judges and magistrates trained locally in humble colleges in ho hum aspects of jurisprudence need exposure to God taught men to become better men, women and if they think they are cows then better cows - after all who are we to stop someone from believing that they are a man, woman, cow, alien, evolved, enlightened, Superman - and it's been fantastic. Indian Courts have a halo around their unwashed, unpainted, grime and spit stained facades from where might pronouncements are made, like this beautiful story (goose bumps say it all) reported in the web edition of Indian Express:


This man, Aamir Khan, if he is a man - what type of a Khan-man does movies like Rang De Basanti, Lagaan and Dil Chahta Hai - real Khans showoff their massive Popeye (the sailor) chests or in absence of hair plugs and thigh sized biceps have these uncontrollable facial tics - that's not spastic that Indian acting and emoting at its finest - and act in films like Partner and all these movies starting with the letter K. Okay so this man, if he is a man, (Aamir Khan, man, woman, cow, who are you, what is your purpose of being, do you know where you converge with earth's axis and do you know that at a certain time the apex of your aura can be linked to sun's penumbra to create immense power in your loins, and a clear idea of what you should be based on who you are - Viagra can do that too, mixed with a good Psychologist). By the way not saying that this entity Aamir Khan needs Viagra or a Psychologist. Hasten to add neither suggesting that other Khans do.

Okay so this Aamir Khan who ever he is makes these films and top of that insults the Indian Flag. Flog him for that!

It's bad to insult the flag, and I have always taken exception to Star and Stripes and Union Jack bikinis and little things strippers wear. Can you imagine a तिरंगा कच्छा?

No, seriously, if the constitution (thus the law) mandates how the flag is treated then the flag has to be treated that way, not only because you must love the flag or you're a traitorous scum son of India, but also because it's the law and laws must be obeyed until they are amended constitutionally.

We (at least my household, including my mother-in-law) demand to know what Aamir Khan did to insult the flag, and why? As a public figure he is accountable to answer to us - so AK why did you do it, Man? - and as a citizen he was accountable to appear in the court when he was first asked to appear.

Breaking the law is wrong, period. Whether is is driving over sleeping people or killing rare species or hurling an insult at the Tiranga.

And the courts must stop law breakage! And they're doing a terrific job by issuing this warrant against Aamir Khan. First the court ordered him to appear, when he didn't, then the court issued a warrant. Thank you Shailandra Sharma for moving the court and thank you Shri B.S. Muvel for letting your court be moved (B.S is the magistrate sir).

Dawood is on a rampage against the country, Salem is on Indian soil (jail is built on soil, you know), for crimes against India, using foreign lawyers paying them how, only God knows - राम जाने - Salman Khan is still free, Manu Sharma and his ilk play the Courts like a yo yo, it takes years to get a court hearing, some estimates peg 300 years for all cases in queue to come up for a hearing - and we are wasting Courts time by issuing such warrants?

Why not throw cases like this as being frivolous? Tax payers monies should be used to speed processes not coddle Shailendra Sharmas. While cases rot in court queues corruption festers and waiting destroys morale and spirit. Criminals remain at large, society waits in limbo and property owners and properties suffer ruinous damage - which adds to urban decay. Almost all of Mumbai - even the tony though not tony looking - Colaba and Marine Drive - are dotted with time ravaged, uncared for buildings, uglier than ugly, wearing a slum look - and mostly because of Courts' inertia in settling tenant rights and landlord responsibility issues spanning decades. For decades tenants - occupants is a better word - have paid ludicrously below market rents and for those decades property owners have had no incentive to improve or maintain their buildings, making Mumabi look the way it does instead of say Vancouver, all new and shiny. Should the courts evict those who've lived almost free for generations? Yes, because they have to pay market value or move. Simple - and we're not talking about uprooting slum dwellers, these are usurpers. So the Courts need to work faster so Criminals are incarcerated faster, Mumbai steps out of it's decaying infrastructure and India can shed its image as a 3rd world corrupt nation.

This is not condoning insulting the Indian Flag it is asking the courts to get their priorities right. Mr. Khan could have been be fined or ordered to issue a public apology, rather than add another case to the long, meandering queues that exacerbate the misery of those waiting for justice to happen.


Anonymous said...

Shailender Sharma is doing us proud.We Hindus now have to take a stand that these Muslims are wretched traitors.So such cases are not frivolous.nominnow is either a Pakistani or American who wants to tarnish the image of India

Anonymous said...

What do you know about Indian Judiciary that you want to say that it is useless.This is the Judiciary that sentenced Indira Gandhi when she was at the helm.It is this fair Judiciary that sentenced Sunjay Dutt despite popular public opinion.This is the judiciary that declared Jayalalitha's appointment as CM in 2001.The Shankaracharya's arrest attracted a great deal of media coverage in 2004, prompting accusations of a trial by media, the coverage of which slowed down only after the successive verdicts of the High courts in Andhra Pradesh and Chennai and the Supreme Court of India. The High Court of Andhra Pradesh found that the media organizations' conduct was improper.And no,this was not because any of the Judges were his followers.Our Judiciary is one of the best-fair and free!!