Friday, October 19, 2007

Believe yourself

Just as communism is a dead doctrine, so are these heads of religious organizations, who call themselves Gurus - incarnations of God or God Spawn, irrelevant, as the world has proved it can move forward and scale new heights of human accomplishment - in technology, and bringing freedom to the people who were long oppressed - by individual endeavors.

Waning of Church powers hasn't killed the Western world - no big Clerics in the US or Europe or galloping Russia telling people what to feel and think, and rise of Islamic fundamentalism hasn't made Muslims happier or more successful - Dubai is free from Mullah influences. Organized religion is not necessary for finding God because many times its pretenses are the walls between Man and God. And Organized Religion and its doctrines serve no one but the Head of the Organization since everyone else is a serf.

Gurus curtail free thinking by prescribing doctrines which nullify counter opinions. Indian Gurus of today - those exalted by the media - thrive and live off mass adulation, and a status that positions them above the common man, without empirical evidence of producing results that make the world a better place and their followers a better people.

Google led US, Berlin led Europe and technology led India are testaments of excellence from within without a Guru leading any of these success initiatives.

Gurus should be like Drona and Krishna.

Which of these Indian holy men can claim, honestly, to have led Indians to create Green or White Revolutions or India's technology base? What did they do that led to these successes is the question than needs to be answered in intelligent, modern language.

And, which modern Guru can claim bettering the world more than Bill and Melinda Gates?

Communism and Guru Worship have no place in today's world. As Berlin got there and San Jose did and London did without any help from guys in beards claiming divine connections. So can Bangalore and Mumbai - just believe in your self.

It's hard work, smart thinking, great timing, impeccable execution of plans that make life a success, and if you can plan a successful life plan, you can also make a successful life hereafter plan - it's YOU not that guy with a fixed smile who'll make it happen, so believe in yourself, for the only truth is what you do.

But if venerate you must then what's wrong with me? I can drive a Rolls, I can talk a lot (can't you tell) and be surrounded by glazed eyed followers chanting my name, and I promise I will share my wealth - at least 22% of it as a form of dividend to everyone who puts money in my coffers.

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