Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rich and poor, right now, right here

So here I am.

At 2 AM - bleary eyed with fingers that feel arthritic with all the typing, and my body sore from all the driving these last few days - but wired like a nymphomaniac on a Red Bull and speed binge.

You see I'm writing an executive summary for someone with deep pockets and a vision that sees past the horizon - purpose is to secure funding to create a solid brand in a $90 billion fragmented industry.

After I am done with it I shall start writing a plan that will alleviate the suffering of marginal farmers in India by creating a platform on current technology + market (defining) forces - seriously, not kidding.

And all this - which will cost a very large bundle of money even to make a real pitch - is happening - this creative burst of ideas - when money is at an ebb lower than the high tide at this silly puddle called the bay right outside our patio - this water front lacks all drama and show, placid like a lake on its death bed.

Frustrating, ain't it - to think you have the key to change the future of an industry and the lot of a people and not being able to do diddly because of cash crunch?

By the way which is your favorite retail food store? Big Bazaar, Reliance, Subhiksha or ?????

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