Friday, January 25, 2008

For Indian Women's Sake

This is serious, really is.

There's no excuse, no reason to treat women as shabbily as women are treated in India - like there's no reason to rape or drive drunk over sleeping people.

We'd like to start a petition drive of sorts online demanding that tougher laws are enacted which will punish offenses against women, speedily. The key is to hit legislators, repeatedly - not beat them up - with demands that they push for laws that punish molesters and rapists and make eve teasing a zero tolerance offense.

Some of you write like magic, many of you know many people. Would you consider joining us to create a petition forum that will scare or motivate Indian lawmakers?

If a million voices demanded respect for women in unison it will create a change. Will you join us to be that harbinger of change, and make this social platform into a platform for social change?

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Vish said...

Hi NidhiJeet

Two things that every right thinking Indian needs to fight for:

A) A Caste less India ( What ever may have been the original reason for the Caste System, only God knows, we do not want it any more)

B) Atrocities against women

There are other major things, but they pale in importance when compared with these. Poverty is bearable when a person is treated with dignity and respect. She can work hard to improve her life.