Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year, Bye Bye Benazir

So its 2008.

Hope it's a very happy one for ya'll - even those who're not reading this.

Benazir's assassination made me really angry with Muslim militants, and I have a big, huge problem with those who oppose freedom of expression, modern education and equal rights for women, so I wish that all those suicidal, murderous types kill themselves at the same time so what's left of Muslims is the peaceful, progressive types who can balance their religion with modern world and emancipation. It'll be very lovely if they (killers) all kill themselves brutally without hurting anyone innocent so the prayer is that they kill themselves in the thick midst of their own kind. If that is not possible then if there were a way to identify murderers publicly so that if the public were not inclined to kill them before the public got killed by them at least the public will know the enemy by name and face.

Benazir you did democracy, women and Islam proud. Rest in peace.

On to the other favorite subject - Indian Press. Thanks to that institution truth gets obscured and obscure stuff becomes news. But it does have its benefits for a few - Ms. Shetty now has an honorary doctorate. And that feels so foolish since for so many years so many of us have slogged through racial discrimination and slurs, and overcome them by the sheer dint of hard work and perseverance. Where was TOI and its ilk and where is it today when in UK someone is called a Paki Bastard or someone is told "go back to your own country"? I know, I know it will be said with this raised awareness of Shilpa Shetty people will be afraid to hurl slurs at Indians. Bullshit. Slurs are hurled at South Indians in the North, and its a matter of education and then persons' merit which helps them get to a point where no slur sticks - Vinod Khosla is an example, as are countless Doctors, Professors, Professionals, and even me. So we have to be excellent not babied to be respected.

Enough of that as I wish to be a press baron myself - yeah, with you all as my board - at least 4 Sulekha friends I have and the other 2890 to follow as shareholders!

Seriously don't you think there should be another paper based on excellence in journalism - research, analysis, unbiased and unafraid reporting, and free of political affiliations, and not into pampering minorities and always painting anyone Hindu as a lout?

Why can't one be fun, open minded, into sports, fashion, travel, fine dining, good living and still be a devout Hindu? Why is a devout Hindu always held suspect of being an ignorant, fanatical, genocidal being? When Shahrukh Khan says his religion is the best he is applauded. When I say that I am condemned?

I don't - repeat DON'T - want to destroy mosques. I just don't want temples destroyed. What's wrong with that? I don't want to attack a Muslim's house, I also don't want trains and the Indian Parliament bombed. What's wrong with wanting to defend India? My issue is with those who preach hatred, what's wrong with hating hate mongers? It'd be nice to evolve to a point of not caring but then that's also shunning responsibility.

My Hindutva is my mukut (crown), my kavach (shield), my identity since the blood flowing in my veins and my DNA is Hindu from at least a 400 years. Same with Nidhi. It is also my place to be in times happy and sad, as that's my solace and celebration. It should only alarm those who wish to tread on me for my faith because I am not using it as arms, only spiritual armour.

Being a Hindu shouldn't be a cross to bear and a stance to defend. In Amsterdam and in London there are churches from 1600's which are now bars and clubs. Because many people are not into Christianity any more. If Hindus wish to follow that route that's their individual call and we can at some time in History talk of an ancient religion that once flourished from the time of Mohenjodaro till 2008 and then petered out because it was viewed as being un-hip at a time when Islam was flourishing, so Hindus packed and left. However I shan't be packing and leaving because my wife would leave me were I to leave Hinduism, besides despite years away the way Krishna and Hanuman resonate within me nothing does, and I find the Geeta to be a fantastic management guide - relevant in day to day tough situations, especially in negotiating and /or communicating.

On to the subject of the declining dollar. Rumor has it it will fall to Rs. 32! This per my CPA who has an offshore practice to process US tax returns in India. Declining dollar has hurt his business as he is now more expensive than he was, therefore less competitive. At 32 bucks he'll be even less desirably priced. So will that hurt Shining India? Before rushing into Indian economy is indestructible let's soberly look at Japan and also India's foreign reserves and plan a plan if those foreign reserves decline. And no EU isn't the US so can't offset US related losses totally - that's why I think and defer to your opinion.

Welcome was very funny, and I stick totally to that opinion. Nana Patekar stole the show, especially in that one scene when he swings around a pole with a love lorn look in his eyes. I'd say it's a must see.

Once again a Very Happy New Year to you and yours and hope this one will see yours. ours, my dreams become working and profitable realities.

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