Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Monkey, Bastard and Cricket


Who cares?
I don't.

All I want is that the Indian Cricket team win more often so that fans have more than memories of rare wins - like 1971 Windies and 1983 World Cup.

India worships its Cricketers. They're paid hugely in money and respect.
So their performance cannot be blamed on India's emerging nation status.
They, the Cricketers, are to be solidly blamed and chastised for turning in inept, inconsistent performances, because with what they have going for them they have to perform like champions, always.

That Sri Lanka and Pakistan have a superior track record does prove that wealth doesn't create champion level plays.

The complacent, self congratulatory tendencies to bask in old glories stand in the way of winning performance. Indian team needs to remember that yesterday is gone, and today is always a fresh start.

There's no pat on the back again and again for the past, that is stupid coddling and sycophancy - and if India stopped doing that perhaps it's players will play more to win, because they don't lose much when they lose a match so what's their incentive to win?

Performance is the ultimate evidence of personality. So to win Indian Team has to build a winning personality and a killer instinct - caliber, confidence, courage, agility, stamina, more doing less whining, type of things.

Best of luck for the rest of the series. Win it BIG, India - put anger into great play, not sulking.

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