Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Its that thing adults do and non adults wish to grow up for and the old ones wish they could.

Bang bang what's the big deal you ask?

Answer is the whole universe is the result of a Big Bang.

So no sex no universe, no you, no me, no consciousness of God or Devil.

So in unison say, "God give me the stamina and the interest to be a top of the line sex machine. A Ferrari of f*c*i*g if you would please" (India lovers could replace Ferrari with TataJag).

If you wanna to bang do a big bang (sung to the tune of "if you wanna ride, ride a white horse").

It's pretty cool to be an animal which makes you a hot man proving that banishing the primal, the animal might make a top Gandhian but not a roaring engine that makes you (and her) cross eyed with ecstasy as she (and you) find that doggie is a finer state of being than missionary.

Woof ........

And what's money for? Buying things, that's what for. So put some dynamite in your pelvis. Break that bed. Go through the drywall. Bring down the curtains. Dent the hood of your car - ass imprint on the nice car says a lot about a guy! Then go replace all those to do it all over again". Build a reputation with a bang so to speak.

Think of yourself as a mix of a sumo wrestler and a marathon runner - okay your wish if you wish to be a defensive 5 day test player, but I think slam, bang, action, fury, is what makes sport a major adrenalin rush, and if you think sex is not adrenalin I am sorry for you.

If you aren't hurting like you've been on a 15 mile hike, you haven't done it right, so before anything else go do it NOW. And then again, so you faint into a deep sleep. A mountain to climb, an ocean to part, a demon to slay, a tiger to play, a fire to walk on, a fantastic parantah to eat - on subject of eating please substitute your favorite dish here. It's that magic which happens when you unleash creativity and in throes of passion say, "Baa" At that time you've become a tiger and a goat and a man, all thanks to sex, and also thanks to me, otherwise you might not have paid notice to when you say Baa and if you do say Maa please do not pay notice to that as that might indicate an issue.

and by God I am telling you those who do versus who don't is the difference between kerosene and 94 octane - both can produce energy but one fires a little stinky stove the other makes an 8 cylinder go Vrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooom

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