Saturday, February 9, 2008

Its not about marriage

What do I know except being married and being in love with my wife?

Not much - not saying that I know a lot about them - so don't much about them and not much about else. So starting from a point of ignorance I will dwell on something else that I don't know much about blithely, except I'm not too blithe, and am feeling a need for protein.

Have you ever felt the need for protein? You body saying, "Gimme some meat, lots of it". My body does say that, especially after a carb heavy meal - like which I had not too long ago - bagel, slice of banana bread and Soy White Chocolate Mocha. Body wants things like protein, sex, sleep. Let's forgo sex since those of you who know know that I am in a brahmacharya state, celibate as a num, so lets proceed to protein. Seekh Kabab (not shish since I am Punjabi and we call it seekh - for the metal skewer it's made on), Biryani and maybe Chicken Korma. Except there's nowhere to find all that - ugly looking, bad tasting mutations are sold in Indian restaurants, but I will refrain from talking about them today as today is not my day to fire tirades, all I can say is "they are bad - not like in badd like good or anything, genuine bad like in poor in all categories).

So I guess it shan't be protein - unless I do a KFC run and go for a 12 piece original with a side of coleslaw? But want something teaming with cardamom, ginger and other flavors and tastes. So maybe it's not protein, and it's definitely no sex, so I guess the body will have to settle for sleep.


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