Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai - a story of great letdown

Thank you Officers Karkare, Kamte, Salaskar, Unnikrishnan and the yet nameless brave who died trying to free Mumbai from the clutches of fanatics who like smallpox, the great plague and AIDS need to be purged from the face of this earth - and it is my hope that these spawn of evil culture will be denied an Islamic burial instead their bodies burnt to send a message that jihadists will be burnt in death.

And as live video feeds showed the world another part of the world raped once again by perennial rapist Muslims, Indian media was like always emotional and verbose, Indian Politicians were conspicuous by their absence on the scene and the total lack of crisis management and urgency to save lives shocking.

Inept, inefficient and under qualified - Indian media and security forces shared those 3 traits - and the Indian guests invited by the Indian media talked which in the interest of being succinct could be called bullshit - "One more time and Mumbai will explode"; "Is this India's wake up call"; "We should teach the Politcians a lesson by voting" except the former Police Chief who said Officer Karakare was "the victim of the system, not a bullet".

Compared with questions asked by CNN's US guests it 's apparent that the average TV invitation worthy Indian guest was quite unaware in matters which are common sense to a US citizen and based on that commonsense questions which could or should have been asked (not in any articular order) are:
  1. why was Officer Karakare's official bullet proof vest of inferior quality
  2. how and how much should the Indian government pay Officer Karkare's family for giving him inadequate, substandard armor which got him killed
  3. at what time were building floor plans and hotel guest lists provided to the authorities
  4. why were hotel resident guests not evacuated floor by floor when it became apparent that hotel was under attack - its obvious terrorists could not have held all floors hostage at the same time
  5. what was the dialogue between the hotel guests and hotel staff
  6. what are the crisis management plans of the Taj and Oberoi hotels
  7. who was and is reviewing Taj and Oberoi hotels' employee lists to establish any possible links between the killers and other staff
  8. why were Imams and Psychologist teams not brought in to buy time in guise of negotiations
  9. since both hotels have large windows why were the buildings not stormed simultaneously via windows in addition to elevators, air vents and staircases
  10. where were top Politicians and Officials - Union Home Minister; State Chief Minister; RAW Chief and others - in plain view in a Crisis Management Mode on Television, maybe to send a message that Indian leadership is in the forefront of battling terrorism and not hiding behind walls and hyperbole
  11. who was doing what to verify if Dawood Ibrahim was behind Mumbai Attacks the moment they started since there is history of his involvement in murdering Mumbaikars - at what time if any was Pakistan asked to hand over Ibrahim
  12. why are the Bombay Mayor, Maharashtra Chief Minister, Union Home Minister still holding their jobs despite a huge lapse of intelligence, and mismanagement of gigantic proportions where 4 (reported) terrorists held the Taj hostage for 60 hours - what's the ratio then 100 cops to catch 1 terrorist
  13. before these hotels are allowed to reopen who will establish guest safety and evacuation standards, and who is responsible for rolling out those standards nationally
  14. what are the penalties to be levied against the Taj and the Oberoi for not having crisis management in place
  15. why were US intelligence reports ignored by the Maharashtra government
  16. what are the steps to safeguard India - and what role does the Corporate sector play
  17. what will India do if Pakistan is involved
  18. despite repeated terrorist attacks on Indian soil why has the Indian Government not sough help of International terrorism experts
  19. what steps did the Government take to "tap' the activities of Muslim organizations after the Delhi terrorist encounters of September 2008
  20. now that it's over the media is talking more about the Taj - "heritage, icon, beautiful" - and not about the the dead - when will human life matter to India? The killers knew how to kill in the Taj but the owners of the Taj and the Police did not know how to save lives in that building - so just as respect towards the dead and their families could the media stop talking about the damage to the Taj and focus on those who will not come back to life - the hotel will reopen the dead will not become un-dead - and frankly this lamenting for a monument while bodies are being brought out shows highest levels of Indian apathy and callousness towards human life, so for once you nation of preachy people act human.
And thank you again soldiers - but why die for a nation which can't give you a decent bullet proof vest? And you died for a whore not mother nation if India hands over the bodies of these dogs to their countries or their families.


Kanishka said...

I feel this post has a lot of anger. The term 'Muslim rapists' in particular labels a billion people and is bound to offend peace loving Muslims as well.

If innocent Muslims are branded in such terms by Indians they will always feel insecure and discriminated against and that will lead to an environment where impressionable people can be sucked into terrorism leading to a never ending cyle of violence and retribution.

Please distinguish between the perpetrators and the innocent. There were many Muslim lives lost in the attacks as well.

NoMinnows said...

Damn right there's whole lot of anger here? And why shouldn't there be? My country is on fire and you expect me to sound like you? Preachy? I'm sure you're smiling as you say this and will chalk my response to male testosterone :-)

If Muslims do not wish to be branded terrorists then they need to do more to distance themselves from terrorists - and starting point maybe and timing couldn't be better - report terrorists and report terrorist sympathizers to authorities.

And I am not sure if you're a Muslim or not but India doesn't discriminate against Muslims from Maler Kotla to Mumbai - ask SRK or any hard working, sensible Muslim - so in best national interest and world peace people like you who possibly have never lost a limb or a pence to terrorism need to stop sounding beatific and do something tangible: if you want to do something for Muslims free them from Mullahs by working at grassroot levels to educate their young in their walled cities and stop springing to the defense of "peace loving Muslims" - they have to defend themselves by proving they are not supporters of violence because silence at times is implicit consent.

So while rabid dogs held Mumbai hostage you seem to object to my using the term Muslim rapist? In the context it applied to these murderous mad Muslims, in case you missed the point. But going further I would add that since 1100 AD in India there have been many forced conversions to Islams and all Muslims behind those forced conversions for all those centuries are rapists. Hope that clarifies the term Muslim rapist in current and historical context.

India's sad problem is you Darlin' - picking up on what I said about the bloody Muslim killers and not a word about the Brave Cop killed because of his shoddy body armor or total breakdown of intelligence.

sid said...

Good post. And these "innocent" Muslims HAVE to come forward to amend their holy book. It is a corrupt ideology of a perverted mind. The Koran needs reinterpretation. Some from the Muslim intelligensia will have to come forward and take a stand. The kind that Kamaal Pasha took to abolish the Khilafat movement in Turkey. It was a bold stand. But he felt that because of a regressive religious ideology ,Turkey, as a nation was not keeping up with the rest of Europe and was being called the "sick child" of Europe.And btw it was our Hindu leader Mahatma Gandhi who went on a hunger strike to disapprove of Kamaal Pasha's stand and to show his solidarity with the orthodox Muslims. Even so, if the world desires that peace and harmony prevail, some will have to come forward and openly declare that Islam is a bad ideology, redundant and unintelligent. And if this is done by the Muslims themselves, then they can save face, improve their tarnished reputation and disassociate themselves from being labeled terrorists. Many of us are still hung up on being politically correct. Time to take a stand. Time to be bold.