Monday, May 11, 2009

Guru Infomercials

Somethings defy commonsense - India's obsession with Gurus is one of those. Superstition in this day and age being the other.

Bombay Stock Exchange listed Aastha Broadcasting Network (AABR.BO) calls itself "India's No. 1 socio-spiritual-cultural television channel". I found yesterday that it charges 5,000 Pounds (they do not bill in dollars) per month for the 30 minute time slot.

So these cats in saffron and white robes and saris with their beatific smiles and gobbledygook doctrine pay to be on TV, which is fantastic for Aastha since other TV networks have to pay for content instead of being paid to broadcast content.

Aastha wagered that Indians are Guru obsessed and launched a channel selling airtime to Gurus wanting to get into Indian heads. And that it gets away with 5,000 Pounds per month per Guru shows it's right.

But why would Indians spend their leisure hours of life watching those who pay to speak on television? Those men and women would obviously want to recoup their investment by fleecing viewers for money.

These Gurus are TV hawkers. And how credible are Infomercials anyway? Infomercials from juicers to home gyms aren't taken seriously, so how can meditation and salvation sellers on TV be taken seriously?

India, was starting your day with the daily horoscope on TV and the local Newspaper not enough that the day has to end with Guru Infomercials?

Is 2009 not the year that you would shed your ignorant Guru worshipping, astrologer believing ways? If not, then when? Or will you forever be the ignorant race of the self proclaimed wise?

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