Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Wedding


Congratulations and blessings to the two beautiful ladies who got married on the 10th.

SarvaShiva celebrates marriage as a holy covenant between two consenting adults, irrespective of their gender.

Love is one of the steps of the ladder to God, and since marriage is a sacred expression of love, we believe in and applaud marriage as it washes the sin aspect of sex without love and commitment.

If you are still being forced into the closet because of fears of what “they” will say or do we will pray with you that you build the strength and courage to be you.

So live, love, be you.

October 10, 2009. Cambridge, MA

SarvaShiva, became the first Hindu temple in the USA to perform the marriage of two women in a Hindu marriage ceremony attended by family and friends. The couple dressed in their respective regional finery took vows of marriage around the Sacred Vedic Fire.

The couple requesting anonymity were married in Massachusetts since Gay Marriage is not allowed in Washington. SarvaShiva Representatives flew to Boston to perform the marriage.

Vikasjeet Puri, co-founder, said, "Religion is a stepping stone to happiness not a roadblock to it. We consider marriage between two consenting adults a celebration, irrespective of their gender. Countless lives are destroyed hiding natural inclination, so we would like to help lift that burden of living in the closet. We believe that all have equal access to God and His Blessings"

SarvaShiva,  a Seattle based progressive Hindu temple, offers "Havan Yajna" and "Satsang" weekly, and believes in equality of gender, race and age.

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