Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The New Indian "Rape the Taxpayer" Law


It's official now - India officially will rape taxpayers.

Both Houses of Indian Parliament passed a bill without discussion entitling Ministers to take along for free "any number of companions or relatives" by air - flying with the Minister, or flying by themselves.

Fly kith and kin for free, wherever, whenever is on top of free mansions, chauffeur driven cars, security detail, tax free "allowances" - the ruling party a reminder of feudal India, and like those oppressor rulers these elected men and women too flouting decency and accountability in a nation where running water is a fantasy for millions and children beg for food

This bill passed by Ministers for Ministers allows Ministers to fly by commercial airlines any number of their friends and family and bill the national exchequer, is a reminder that despite proclamations of being modern, changing, India is still that space where ruling forces shove their diktats down masses' throats, who swallow meekly.

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Animesh Raj said...

the worst part is that they are so shameless about it, and also that we citizens can do nothing but be mute spectators.