Sunday, June 13, 2010

BP & Oil-spill, Union Carbide @ Bhopal, same damn thing

25 years ago a careless large company caused an accident that killed 25000 people in an erstwhile Indian kingdom called Bhopal. Now another large company has caused an accident which has not killed as many but it's impact may last as long and spread over a larger geography.

The first one got away, and it seems this one is getting away too.

In India and America rich corporations can buy their way out of trouble, then and now. Media gleefully embellishes the story, Politicians make pronouncements and Corporations go on pillaging people, planet, animals and fish, while we the people look on.

Maybe its time we followed the example of a man called Gandhi who took on the mighty might of a mighty Empire by peacefully fighting for freedom and justice for the common Indian oppressed for 1100 years. Now it's time to fight for the common American. Who will lead the fight - we know it's none of the current Democrats and Republicans, nor Bishops and Televangelists. So who will take this albatross off our necks?

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