Thursday, July 29, 2010

Books following Music

Amazon reported that last holiday season it sold more electronic books than traditional printed hardcovers.

Content creators are kings (finally and rightfully); and processors like printers, and middlemen like publishers, are a dying breed like old record and newspaper companies.

Music, News, Books are and will get more and more electronic and more and more disposable meaning great things for companies selling them as it reduces receiving, warehousing, shipping, returns, damage expenses which translate into lower real estate, payroll and logistics costs, and NO RETURNS add significantly to top and bottom line.

In this age of the CONTENT CREATOR what will happen to printers? They will go the way of video stores - out of business. Though thus far my experience of getting news online lacks the intimacy of reading the Sunday paper slowly savoring the story - browsing news online is like a quickie - hard, fast and laced with dissatisfaction.

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