Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero

Some in the name of economic opportunity sold us like in our jobs and our future to China and India and now the same type in the name of freedom and America support a mosque on the site where America was attacked by savage, dogmatic, fanatic, murderous Muslims killing 1000s of innocent.

It's time we fought these people, unless the fight has gone out of us, and we've become lilly-livered pansies used to mutely being raped. That they even dare suggest a mosque shows their disregard and disrespect for American sentiment. They bombed us, hit our ship, blew up our embassies, did 9/11, tried to bomb Time Square again and now want to build a mosque? It's like a rapist flashing his victim.

Militant Muslims and supporters of their Mosque at Ground Zero need a solid kick in the ass, and be put where they belong - in jail, or on a ship to Pakistan where they can blow each other to bits - these hate mongering, freedom suppressing animals and their American supporters.

No mosque on ground zero is my motto my mantra. 

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