Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why do we not do what we must??

So Obama is extending unemployment benefits. Great - really for those who need it it's a must have as no one sits on their ass doing nothing thriving on unemployment benefits, you can't thrive on pittance, though pittance puts some of the food on the table - I know it from experience, so thanks Mr. President, but this isn't enough, nor is the Wall Street fix bill, what's needed is JOBS, so why do we as a people not boot out, boycott those who are the reason for our misery, those who export jobs and import goods which shut down American factories?

In its boom time in 50s-60s America was an industrial nation producing most of what it consumed and Americans were able to afford to buy Made in America because they earned wages according our standard of living. Now the greedy have shifted jobs abroad so they do not have to pay good wages and benefits to Americans and to do business with such people who rob us of our jobs is plain stupid.

Ask those campaigning for November elctions why are they silent on job exports (have they been bought by the enemies of the American people - the very rich powerful people and corporations); vote out anybody who supports globalization and job exports, stop doing business with banks and other businesses which have shifted call-centers (we can answer our own phones in this country) abroad, cut your Made in Abroad by 30% and designate 1 day every week to buy ONLY MADE IN AMERICA.

It makes total sense, so why do we not do what we must?

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