Monday, August 9, 2010

China beats us - again

I quit - being optimistic about America. First we said (lied) that we will only export low skill manufacturing jobs (which destroyed our factories and families dependent on those factories).

Then we sent away call center, research, analysis, processing, programming jobs with a promise that that won't hurt us a bit as we'll be doing other high paying jobs - which was a lie as not even .1% have been able to transition from a CSR to a high paid project manager or something/ anything high paying.

And now CNN reports that China has left US behind in developing and deploying clean, green technology. So from toys to turbines we lag and we still don't realize we have a problem?

The problem is Wall Street, its White House and they are a problem because you all/ we all don't do a fuck about it - don't vote for those who support globalization and refuse to do business with firms that outsource processes and export jobs - or be pulverized by Asia. Your choice.

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