Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Imam isn't the issue, its the Mosque location

Feisal Abdul Rauf

Here we go again - the same media that promised us wonderland of prosperity in the name of globalization and which still doesn't see the light despite the dimmed lights in 14 million households of the unemployed is now touting the "need" for the mosque at Ground-Zero, because the Imam and his wife proposing it are moderate Muslims.

But its not about the Imam, or his credentials. It's great that he is a "modernist and a moderate" and terrific that he contributes to the Washington Post blog. Muslims need a leader like him to redeem their reputation and clarify their stand as a people on violence, fundamentalism, rights of Jews and Hindus etc., but that does not give him the right to build a mosque at a site where the Muslims attacked America. That is not healing, it is trivializing an act of war by a terrorist organization against a sovereign nation. It is like Japan building a Pagoda at Pearl Harbor, or Germans building a Church at Auschwitz to say sorry.

To heal, to send a message of peace the Imam and his backers should issue a solid denunciation of Hezbollah, Al-Qiada, L.E.T and other Islamist terrorist organization and build a mosque at a site which is pleasing to all, hurtful to none.

But till exporters of jobs and builders of Mosques at ground-zero have American media supporting them America will always struggle for its security and safety as what do we do when the Trojan-horse is built by us to be used against us.

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