Friday, August 20, 2010

More on "the mosque"

Karen Hughes in making one of the most reasonable cases for not building the mosque at Ground-Zero says, "Putting the mosque at a different site would demonstrate the uncommon courtesy sometimes required for us to get along in our free and diverse society". She is right. With almost 70% of America hurt at the thought, shifting the mosque would make the Imam and the Muslims look like considerate, sensitive, mainstream Americans.

And Richard Bernstein says, "There is no significant Muslim population in lower Manhattan, much less one that requires a $100 million community center. Therefore, it stands to reason that the proposed center’s proximity to Ground Zero, where Muslims killed nearly 3,000 people, is the primary impetus for its construction  ...  So what’s the real issue? ... The Islamization of America. The demand for a mosque at Ground Zero is just one of many tests to see how far America will go to accommodate Muslims. As revealed during the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008, Muslims have a “100-year plan” to gradually destroy us from within ... Moreover, this plan will be implemented incrementally, so Americans will be largely unaware of what’s occurring until it is too late. Such implementation has already begun. Airports in Kansas City, Phoenix, and Indianapolis have already installed foot baths for Muslims. Huge mosques and Islamist schools (madrassas) have been built all over the country. Their goal? To bring Sharia Law--a seventh-century political and legal system that discriminates against non-Muslims, homosexuals and women--to America. Think it can’t happen here? Think again. In 2008, England declared that Sharia law can be enforced in Muslim communities. In Canada and Europe, Sharia family tribunals are already functioning on a limited scale" How do we know that Mr. Bernstein is not right and how do we know that those refuting his facts are not Islamization of America cadres - willing or unknowingly that?

Either way in a democracy majority should prevail and with almost 70% public opinion against it the mosque would be a travesty of the democratic process and irrespective of the liberal rhetoric justifying it a defeat for the American majority.

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