Thursday, September 9, 2010

Foxconn: America's High-tech Manufacturing Nemesis

A very large percentage of Americans have not heard of Foxconn, yet it plays a big role in how we talk, play, create, transmit and store data - basically about as integrally tied into our lives as bottled water, except people who make bottled water in America earn more than the average $176 per month Foxconn pays it's employees.

Apple, IBM, Cisco, HP, Dell have their products manufactured by Foxconn, and the rationale is that it makes PCs, Routers, Phones affordable for American consumers. Cheap products can't compensate for the emotional and economic cost of  lost jobs - should we have better paying jobs and a well off country or be on the verge of insolvency nation full of cheap imported stuff?

Here's the Foxconn story - a chapter in the saga of Americans making Americans redundant:

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