Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is India Killing the Internet

India has never really needed enemies from without as Indians historically have done well to maim and hurt India from within since the times when Rajputs invited Muslim invaders, Traitors sided with the British, Modern Politicians created vote banks by inciting violent rifts between Hindus and Muslims, and of course those who have befriended and shielded Muslim terrorists and perpetrators of Bombay blasts and attacks on Hindu temples.

Now we need to add the names of the Members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee - that is proposing these asinine, draconian changes to Section 79 of the IT Act 2000 - to enemies of India and enemies of good sense and current Indian prosperity.

Censorship, government controls and stifling regulations are contrary to India's financial interests and its image as a respected Global Technology Partner.

We need to educate these MPs that India's economic boom is not some divine "धन वर्षा", it is based on unique events of the last decade. The Internet boom led to building of massive under-sea fiber optic cable networks by US telecommunication companies which connected India with the rest of the world. Then when the Internet bubble burst the US technology companies laid off many Indian engineers who returned home and these fiber optic networks became under utilized. Then the burst era technology companies looking to lower their operating costs contacted these Indian engineers in India who could receive and deliver, at wages lower than the US, IT jobs via these fiber optic networks. So India benefited from the Internet bubble and burst era, massively and deservedly, because that New India has raised the standards of quality, communication and delivery.

The benefits are evident in the roaring Sensex and the massive Shopping Malls and Consumer Spending. India’s current economic might is based on its current status as a net gain/ trade surplus nation sitting on growing piles of foreign earnings. The standard of living has improved tremendously because the wages have gone up to $15 per hour for skilled programmers and developers and even the Call Center employees make better wages than what they hoped for in other industries.

Socially that’s significant too because low unemployment means lower crime and corruption – remember films depicting the Hero’s inability to find a नौकरी whilst his mother was dying. That India is India of the past.

To maintain its economic momentum India needs Internet and a technology driven economy and society, period. India only has 50 million Internet connections, so it has to grow a lot more in order to get and deliver more jobs and when the Internet grows so will amounts of information available on the Net. But that is also a gain as more Indians will have access to more information and greater knowledge. Some will seek porn, but overall the country will benefit by being connected versus not.

This Parliamentary Standing Committee needs to know what Modern India is, does and needs. If they all can’t it’s time they’re fired.

India, is young, 59% is from 15 to 59, so it needs to be led by the young, who know what change is, how to deal with it, how to manage it and how to do that well.

The generation gap, technology gap, cultural gap, value gap, comprehension gap between the ruling elite – that bands together communists to hang on to power and to perpetuate dynasties – and the working India of tight schedules, confirmed deliveries, new technologies, hard and smart working habits and global competition is so large that there will be political and social rifts between the Modern and the Irrelevant. That would translate into social strife, and holding India back from its rightful place at the top of the World Economic Order.

Remember Japan? Wealth is not permanent, so India need a sustainable plan with technology as the backbone of it all.

Therefore for the best of India’s today and tomorrow fire the politicians supporting this Internet killing bill and get Narayana Murthy, Ratan Tata, Azim Premji caliber executives from business and civil services to run the country.

We could, to honor tradition, put these fired politicians on donkeys and parade them out of town but then can an ass ride an ass?

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