Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lack of Remorse Indian Style

Mel Gibson goes on his knees apologizing pillar to post for his drunken comments about the Jews, Bill Clinton asked for the nation's forgiveness for his Monica tryst, Corporate Plunderers tell America how sorry they are for robbing their corporations. And its not only the US. Japanese say sorry to Chinese, Germany to families of holocaust victims. The point is when caught people say sorry and are or pretend to be remorseful, embarrassed, chastised and generally give the appearance of wanting to change or having reformed.

But in India, being rich and famous or being the fruit of loins of rich and famous means being a criminal and flaunting it.

Sanjay Dutt should've given a good part of his earnings to the Bombay blast victims - actually civil cases should've made him bankrupt by now - and asked India's forgiveness for hobnobbing with the worst types of criminals - traitors and enemies of India.

Salman Khan ran over some poor homeless sleeping on the roads of Bombay, confirming that the poor who had no dignity also have no safety, even on Government property. Then he goes and shoots an endangered species. So neither people nor wildlife is safe from this man.

The BMW drivers in Delhi who mowed down people don't seem to be doing their acts of penance, nor does Manu Sharma appear in public preaching against violent drunkenness.

And why should they when the society - fans, the press - coddle them? Instead of outrage India feels badly for Munna Bhai and Prem, when the thoughts should be for the victims. If the actors' movies were shunned they would leap to reform, but both men are raking in huge money because the press doesn't ask for a boycott of their films, and the fans, average Indians, don't care about morality. Therefore more people like them will kill at will and mix with killers without fears, which will make criminals stronger because they have celebrity (powerful) friends.

It is a malaise of the Indian soul, perhaps a moral and ethical impotence borne of being a slave nation since about 1100 AD, not to seek and expect justice.

Dawood Ibrahim has waged a war of terror against India yet India has not put a reward on his head, nor pushed hard for his extradition. Saddam Hussein and his sons were turned by a reward seeker, so rewards work, so why is India not aggressively getting him.

Star TV reported Abu Salem's assets in the US but have those assets been confiscated, and in the meanwhile who is paying for his legal defence?

No one is safe if India allows these men to act in these heinous ways, and India Shining means accountability and responsibility at all levels at all times, otherwise the Shine gets tarnished.

In a country where the enemies of the India and Indians within and without run amok without fear of retribution there needs an awakening, which simply means saying, "enough, no more bullshit"

And it starts with rejecting idiot fodder called Newspapers unless one admits being an idiot and needing sustenance from them daily - non idiots may like Punjab Kesari and India Today. And it continues with rejecting en-masse politicians with criminal records and lack of public and professional performance record.

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