Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Liberal Bullshit about Islamophobia

Western nations and anyone weary of Muslim radicals is not a victim of Islamophobia. Being cognizant and prepared is smart not paranoid.

Militant Islamists have vowed destruction of their enemies.

Israel, India and the USA are their main targets that they would like to destroy.

India has borne the brunt of Muslim invasions since 1100 AD, and more recently in the form of Kargil, attacks on the Parliament and Mumbai train blasts, in addition to attacks on Banaras and other temples.

9/11 and London Tube bombings happened. So Islamic threat is not imaginary, it's real.

Muslim Terrorists are the scourge of the civilization and they must be destroyed before they destroy the world. Everyone needs to follow US and George Bush's example in putting Muslims in their place. US is the only place right now where they are not on a rampage, and that is because they respond well to fear.

In India they were at their best during Sanjay Gandhi's time and even in Turkman Gate days dared not riot.

If they control Oil India will be starved for oil. If they control nuclear weapons they will aim them at Israel. And if they amass power free world will become their whore who will be raped often.

Instead of pretending that Muslims are everyone's friends, it needs to be acknowledged that the militant Muslims are enemies of the world and the Muslims who support them are also enemies by association.

Until all Muslims come out of their ghettos and join the mainstream of schools and technology and free themselves from the clutches of the Mullahs the world will hold them suspect because they sustain the environment of hate and rumors in Amsterdam, Paris and Mumbai. The reason they are poor and angry even (out of their poverty filled lands) in Europe is because they stick to their hate filled, redundant values and eschew education and modern knowledge.

It is possible to be a Muslim and be successful. Azim Premji and Shahrukh Khan and Dubai and UAE are a proof of progressive thought and hard work. Those Muslims and Muslim nations are not an issue - issue is those who coddle religious divides and use Islam to suppress theirs own and others.

And all Muslims are not, and do not have to be our friends. They eat different, they do not inter-marry, they don't allow us in Mecca so they are different, and that's okay. As long as they don't point their hate, their guns and their lies at us - or we will smash them to pulp - maybe we will need Jews and Christians and maybe Sikhs to help because Hindus will not have the courage to fight our most recognized enemy.

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sid said...

i have been following your blogs on but am not posting my comments on that site lest sulekha(like all indian sites which pamper muslims)delete my hard line all writers ,you too, are trying to be kind to muslims.there is no such thing as a "non militant" definition,muslim means militant.and it's time to recognize that.the world needs to put aside all political propriety and declare that the koran is a dangerous piece of work -work of a twisted mind.Gladstone had declared that if this book is allowed to remain the world will be a dangerous place to live in-he was right.condemn the book and the writer.religion is meant to bring about peace in the minds of people and harmony in society.islam does not do should be condemned.Bush should be applauded for his is only after this stand that our indian intelligencia(read press and politicians)started to take some meek stands and the rest of the country,too started voicing anti muslim views.i applaud modi.the only indian politician who speaks boldly.and the indian press has gone after him.nominnows,i am happy that you are trying to shake the indians back home from their slumber,by attacking the indian's high time some one did's a huge task ahead for you.this damage to the indian psyche is the mis reporting of giants like times of india,which is anti-hindu.and because of the meekness of their character,hindu's being their own worst enemies.we will need more like this blog to awaken the hindus,and wage a war against a bad religion called islam.