Friday, November 30, 2007

I hate censorship

Madhuri butchered her natural good looks with the new hairdo - straight hair and that color isn't her, but this isn't about that - it's about censorship in India.

Mayawati bans the movie because she doesn't like a line in one of the songs? What is she? Fuckin' Hilter?

India's a democracy that guarantees free speech, or is that my delusion?

Taslima has to redo her book and now Aaja Nachle song has to be edited - in both cases to assuage feelings of the mob - bloody sensitive people with too much time on their hands I think - they should be working harder so there's water and power and literacy for all - rather than manically being maniacs.

Listen, censorship, muzzling opinions is for Sudan not India.

You can tell I'm miffed? You should be too. As you don't need a politician to tell you you can't shop at Reliance and you can't watch Aaja Nachle - unless the government is your guardian because you are retarded.

So it's time you got off your ass and throw out these idiots on their asses by voting in someone who values free speech, free markets and doesn't treat office like fiefdom and does not make India look like a poor 3rd world nation ruled by idiots.

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