Thursday, November 29, 2007

Famous Bollywood Lines

If you cringe because I mis quoted its because my memory gets hazier by the day - no it's not the pot since I don't smoke - why do you think the worst about me - are you my wife or what?

So do you know which movie? The winner gets a spot on a livecast sometime this summer!

Bahut Yaarana Lagta Hai

Haath ki lakeeren mitane se takdeer nahin badal jaati

Tumhari aunty bahut saare uncle lekar aa gayi hai

Mujhse dosti karoge

Mogambo khush hua

Pushpa ... I hate tears

Aap ke paaon dekhe, bahut haseen hein ...............

I am not a virgin ....

Mummy aisa kyun hota hai

FBI - means fully bevkoof insaan

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