Monday, November 19, 2007

Good Morning India

Good Morning India

It's 7, so about time you woke up to your coffee or tea or if so inclined a touch of your honey.

A wise man* once said, "Mornings are made for lovemaking". Listen to him - and be late for work today. We waste a lot of time which if used with passionate prudence would allow us to pack in so much touch, and feel and heat and closeness. Face it, vision dims, flesh sags, desire fades - so why not go for it, now?

How? Shorter potty, faster Newspaper, 30 minutes of less sleep - and do this daily so one day leads into another of a time of nothing and no one but you and yours entwined in closeness which shuts out the world so you can begin and continue.

You have kids? Top solution: a top video game console, followed by gentle but consistent pressure to practice martial arts moves every morning, away from your bedroom.

The honey less? Linger leisurely on the pot, read your paper end to end and sleep longer until you stop being single.

It is 2 degrees and a dark 5:30 pm, Monday, in Vancouver. The lower mountain ranges received a fair sprinkling of snow last night and during the day today. Now horizons are lined with snowy white jagged peaks piercing the leaden skies. And frankly nothing exciting has happened here. The Canadian Dollar is more than the US and Vancouver Real Estate is appreciating whilst our goes abegging - so all in all Canada happy, USA unhappy, and Angelina Jolie naked in Beowulf so all mankind happy, except US still unhappy.

Today being Tuesday many of you will not eat meat or eggs, so do what you have to get your protein or your muscles will sag. And say, "Edamame" the hipster way to get hip protein. It's tasty, it's healthy, babes of both sexes dig it, so find it and dig in.

And do the right thing by slapping a public spitter and double slapping and kicking an eve teaser, and of course after work do not drink and drive, unless all you've drunk is alcohol free, then drive to your heart's content, I mean it's your time, your vehicle, who am I to tell you what to do, except there's nothing cool about driving drunk. Actually its not very cool to smoke too. So quit.

Take care now and always.


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