Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saawariya - at home

Nidhi, Mama and I watched Saawariya.

That is why I am still humming "Saawariya" - okay I liked the song, but was scandalized that the hero flashes the world standing in an open window as we get an ass shot (shot of his ass, and not like his ass gets a bullet shot) through a translucent dhoti.

Mama made brilliant "rubri" to have while watching the movie. So it could be "rubri" or those fantastic "paranthas" we had earlier, but I have a feeling that the comatose feeling (while watching) was caused - at least a wee bit - by Saawariya - as food doesn't cause a glazed look, and a drained brain - but then the very blue, very strange sets and a boy who looks like Neetu Singh and a girl who looks like Anil Kapoor can do things, you know.

Don't convince us, please let us 3 convince you on that, about any artistic merits of this film as we've decided not to like it, because it was garish, senseless saga of two young people acting stupid - in the age of the Internet and MTv who acts and dresses like they do - geeks, nerds, anyone is better than those two foolish characters - at 20 or so one has to focus on studying, going somewhere in life, (and) not singing in a town in ruins where most people on the street are whores, and to pine away for a man after a one night stand, and to top it the man (who sings in a town full of whores) pines for an unemployed, not in school woman who is pining for a man whose room she went to, uninvited, for the whole night - that safety pin is symbolic of sex?

Why don't these guys just live in Pine Tress with all the pining they do - odd birds that they are they're fit to live in a tree...... a weird blue tree

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