Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hello India

Good Morning Guys and Dolls

First question is why am I thinking about Guys and Dolls? Definitely shows my age, secondly the age is quite old age because no one young says Guys and Dolls. The young say Pimps and Ho's.

It's 0 degrees right now - which is very cold. Last night was a bit warmer at 1, so we went to a new restaurant. The chicken sandwich was as bad as can be - you see I'm off beef - the Bloody Mary was bland, the Cosmopolitan alright, all the same it felt good to go out since winters are very quiet at our very quiet water-front.

Hot news is:

Merrill Lynch has launched its biggest foray into India’s real estate market, joining a growing number of foreign financial institutions seeking to tap into the fast-growing but volatile sector.

Ironically this after losing billions and their CEO in US residential investments - India's hot, US is not.

And do protect yourself and yours from that Deve Gowda - imagine bringing down a government with black magic!

On that note I leave


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