Sunday, November 18, 2007

India's Greatest Moments

So these, per me (not in any order), are great Indian moments - I am defining a moment as when something momentous happened. A keen critic will notice that 322 BC is missing, as is Akbar, and Genghis, but these are relatively modern great moments. Also missing are massacres and riots, but trying to be positive here. Those who wish to shoot me for omissions I say to you "Kathor vaar karna hai to seene pe kar", and to those who wish to send bouquets I say, "Cash, please"

Tata Steel
Reliance Industry's 1st public issue
Sunil Gavaskar's test debut
1971 thrashing of Pakistan (not cricket Bangla Desh liberation)
Kuala Lumpur Hockey World Cup
1983 Cricket World Cup
Wipro, InfoSys and BPO
Private Radio, TV and Mobile Phone services
Big Bazaar
Aditya Chopra's debut
Air conditioned Shopping Mall

That's a lot of great things in a relatively short time, considering the heavy baggage of the past, and the need to go places fast, all the while keeping democracy alive.

Here's a kiss India - down on my knees kissing your ground with a wish that someday soon I'd do that in person.

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