Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Massive Storm

The drive is long along Oak which crawls with a little jitter of speed now and then, and then there's the border where lines can be 5 to 45 minutes long, so I keep the radio on to keep with the news (also to stay awake).

Couple weeks ago there was this forecast for a massive storm with rains to drown the city and winds to uproot Redwoods - and since something similar had happened last winter downing 1000 tress in Stanley Park plus knocking power out for days in Seattle and parts of Vancouver - everyone - even me - were concerned.

The radio meteorologist issued dire warnings which were duly repeated every 10 minutes (since its traffic and news every 10 minutes). So I told my staff to be doubly careful - like otherwise they would be recklessly dancing under falling electric cables. We were duly kept abreast of this savage storm's location as it drew closer, so by the time it was 4 the storm was less than 50 miles away, ready to hit land with fury like Dharmendra hitting Shetty.

Since I have a longish drive (at this time inattentive reader is required to read paragraph 1) I took off early (after advising my staff, also my neighbor and a very wet, soggy customer to "take care").

I was hoping to make it home safe without being hit by buses flying overhead with passengers screaming louder than the screaming winds (carrying the buses quite in the wrong direction, or maybe right - point is bus is flying), and as waves leapt in from the sea making rivers out of roads, my only hope being faith in the 4 Matic, Nidhi's love, God's Grace, but based on my track record with luck I was also quite convinced that it would not be to odd were I to be swept away (by the winds) to the sea - Highway 99 drives along the Pacific - where I would be dropped on a piece of drift wood which will promptly sink with me on it, conversely I could also be crushed under a falling bus from the sky. So I said silent I Love Yous, Sorrys, Thank Yous - gave my car an affectionate pat (I am not kinky but the car and I have a strong bond, but at no time does it involve displays of affection which can be considered lewd by the prude - unless a kiss now and then is objectionable?).

So I got on the road. the sky was gray. The road was wettish from earlier rain. Traffic was light since many had chosen to play it safe rather than risk it on the road. And the air was still.

Not a leaf was fluttering. I mean it was like the whole fuckin' tree realm (there are many, many, many trees along the Highway, I mean its a jungle, seriously - with deer) was paralyzed.

I said, to the car - since there was no one else so who else would I say to - "Calm before the storm"

So I drive faster, and the air remained calm. I was hoping to see some activity instead of this suspense. But no leaf stirred. The birds in trees, many birds and even a few foolish one's brave enough to fly seemed quite calm. I said, with a wave, "Hope you birds survive".

By this time the radio was quite excitedly going on about the impending catastrophe. Reporters were calling to report positions of City Crews prepared to help, save humanity in distress. And City Crews were moving - per Radio - with great alacrity all over the place, blanketing Vancouver with cars, trucks, ladders, hand held radios, flash lights and whatever else rescue crews carry.

Radio said it was the biggest storm of the season and the City and the citizens believed it whole heatedly - proof was me waving good wishes to birds.

Still no leaf stirred. Not a single rain drop fell on the car or around it. I was almost at the border now, almost home to Nidhi - safe, alive, even birds were safe, and buses were on course.

Then the Radio said, "The storm has missed us totally, veering South where it will cause massive havoc in Seattle" And with gusto went on about how many trees could fall on how many homes crushing many young and old - storm spares no one, since Nature is impartial that is my view, not AM 1130's

Radio came back again reporting people had died because of a massive storm that had narrowly spared us but got those Americans good.

I heard there was some wind activity in Seattle, but no buses flew. Not even a moped flew - it could not since there are no mopeds in Seattle, but Vespas remained grounded, Subarus drove instead of sailing (could not sail because one, they are cars, secondly roads did not become rivers).

Today's forecast is for a massive storm with high winds and buckets of rain.

Check on me tomorrow.

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