Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nexus Card

We left for the Nexus office at 9:20 am yesterday, Nidhi and I dressed almost identically in Northface shirts and Diesel jeans, which she wore with black pumps and I with my usual Python skin boots.

The drive wasn't long, but I had totally forgotten to take directions to the office so I had to back up on a one way border check-post lane, enter a parking lot with a Big Red Do Not Enter sign with American and Canadian security visible in large numbers - to make the 10 o' clock interview.

Duly an officer in uniform came up to the car and said, "You know you're entering the wrong way?" I said, "Yes, I didn't know where Nexus office was". He looked at me with a mix of some mixed expression and said, "Go, ahead without being hit by a Semi as you're going the wrong way".

Fuckin' A - no ticket (or arrest) and we made it before 10!

We both looked Los Angeles good in these Washington backwoods, and stood apart at the office where everyone was a non tanned shade of white and pink - and there was one woman with tart written all over her.

Nexus Card is a speed pass that allows US and Canadians to cross the respective borders without waiting in the regular queue, hence save time big time. It requires an extensive background check and is a zero tolerance program which means it can be revoked for life for any infraction, which include having in the car (while using Nexus lane) any forbidden fruit, (so no Nidhi in the car :-), or anyone else's things (Nidhi's coat or shoes)

I was finger printed by the American and Canadian sides, interviewed by two very cordial, witty, happy officers and now have a card that allows me to zip through the border as others twiddle their thumbs in lines that can be couple hours long on a Friday.

Which means I make it home early for Zee TV crap!

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