Thursday, November 15, 2007

Modi Good; Mullah-Monkey Bad

Couple things in the news today made me feel physical - flushed face, heart beating hard, and wanting to break out of myself in a fury of self expression, so here I go (what? you thought it was about sex? you always think that so maybe one day I will write on sex, but for now it's about India and those who fuck with it)

I hope Narendra Modi rides like a juggernaut over Congress monkeys, not that I have a thing against monkeys (okay I don't really like them) but we as men and women need humans to run our government and politics not pre-historic, clannish simians, so if Rahul Gandhi would like to leave the band (of monkeys) then the first step is to evolve into a Man, which means articulating a clear vision and a detailed plan for a growing technology based India in a world where change is a daily occurrence and baggage of the past has no place.

India needs water, electricity, health, education and safety FOR EVERY INDIAN, period. Until that happens India remains 3rd world. So no place for Congress rhetoric.

Go Narendra, Go, as irrespective of allegations you have a stellar track record of achievement and have run Gujarat to Gujarat's profit, and show no mercy Narendra on your opponent because no true Gandhian will have anything to do with today's Congress, as no true Gandhina wants to be in a circus or a zoo - when Lalu Prasad is a part of a Government that is when you hang your head in shame, because you talk about India Shining when nothing shines till a Lalu rules - what is shining is certain sectors, so don't go hogging credit for it, YOU coward, lazy, apathetic Indian - until you're ready to fight Lalu out, back Modi, clean out your neighborhood, work long hours, respect women and yourself.

Then there was the story about Mullahs crying foul over Vande Mataram. Where were these Mullahs when Kashmiri Hindus were terrorized to the point of making a mass exodus from Kashmir? What are the Mullahs doing about the Hurriyat which wants their "own President and Prime Minister", in the process dismantling India's sovereign, federal status? Where were the Mullahs when Muslims killed innocent train passengers in Mumbai Blasts?

And for that matter where were YOU/ WE Hindus when Punjabi Hindus were dragged down from buses and shot by Sikh terrorists. What are YOU/ WE Hindus doing about the fact that photos of Indira Gandhi's killers hang in Akal Takht museum (per historian Ramchandra Guha).

Fry the Mullah supporters in high heat, including liberal Hindus who clamor to protect Muslims even if its a Muslim criminal. If I have my way I would castrate and sterilize liberal Hindus so they do not reproduce a race of cowards.

As for Mullahs and those who support madrassas preaching Islam in danger, Kill Non Muslim? Pack them off to Sahara and Gobi, as I'd rather they die than their targets - plus vultures get foreign cuisine.

Oooooh. I need a cigarette, now.

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