Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey, How're you doin'

Just saying hello.

No agenda.

Why must it always be reason based, why can't we just chill and chat? Otherwise it's too business like and we're aren't business associates or colleagues so the whole point is to shoot breeze.

So what's happening? Is work good? And what's going on at home?

I read this great line that goes something like, "there's no order in the universe so we need to adapt to chaos". Have you read "Breakfast of Champions"? It's by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Brilliant, funny, and heart breaking sad. He's at times America's conscience, no?

And last night this brilliant man, Dr. Parikh, said on the phone, "reason for tension is our attitude .... and ... the only way to be happy in marriage is to divorce oneself". Isn't that brilliant? I mean if you accept what is, and make the best with it then tension probably is mitigated by the effort dealing with reality. It's the conflict, the fight and not winning that causes tension. And though it's hard subjugating "Me" until that is done one is in a self created self centered vortex of self denial, self importance and that sure breeds tension.

Enough of that, what's with you? Do you like Shilpa Shetty's butt? Too flat, frankly, no one will call that a great ass. Bipasha has a top ass, no Mariah Carey or J Lo but still an ass to contend with. Aishwarya has no ass, no body - I mean yes she's flesh and blood and skin and bones but not made of sex appeal like Madonna or Kim Basinger - Kim is beautiful and sexy - remember 9 1/ 2 Weeks - or that woman Jharna (something) in Love in Nepal was a sizzler. Sizzler is also a dish in Bombay, which I have only had once, and liked it very much. Come to think of it it tasted brilliant. I know it had meat, but I don't remember what else was in it.

Was too jet lagged I guess. I went to India after 21 years. Wonder if I ever will go back again. Depends ...... firstly on living that long ..... Just saying, not that I am sick or anything but India is so far, and the time when I can think of traveling even farther.

It's been snowing again. I tried to upload photos to show you, but the up loader isn't working. But, it's been bone chilling cold and icy. There's black ice on roads you can't see but the car wobbles, and slides and nothing happens when you brake except skidding - though I feel grateful that I have a 4Matic which makes driving a bit easier, but it's still tough driving on mirror smooth roads.

Sunday we sponsored an event, and not knowing better I wore Snake skin Boots and a Leather Jacket, sans scarf or gloves, and almost froze. The cold seeped through the boots, from the soles and the top and the jacket wasn't warm enough, so now have to deal with getting used to winter boots and coats - problem is they're not sleek. Sleek Fur Lined Parka and Cold Resistant Boots (I don't even do Doc Martens) - blech!

Found there's a place in Van that serves Venison burgers! have you tried Venison? If its not gamy or tough it's fantastic. Been a long time since I've had it. Another thing I like is fried chicken. Even KFC.

Found that men who have sex more than 3 times a week are happier than men who don't but also they know the right women or woman!

See ya.

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