Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hindu Irony or Hypocrisy

In a land of paradoxes none are more paradoxical than Hindus and Hindu politics.

Narendra Modi is fighting an election in Gujarat as a BJP candidate and as a Hindu stalwart, a fighter for Hindu interests.

A bit farther down in Punjab the same party BJP is a coalition partner in a government that has silently allowed a portrait of Bhindranwale, a Hindu killer and enemy of India killed in an operation conducted by the Indian Army to be placed in a Sikh holy shrine along with the portraits of other Sikh martyrs and saints.

What is BJP's stand and position? In Gujarat it is Hindu's friend, but in Punjab it's not?


Mai said...

As a Sikh and a Khalistani and a great admirer of Sant Bhindranwale Ji, I say, why be a sheep when you can be a lion - or a lioness.

Mai said...

I suppose I am one of those 'enemies of India' you want to crush. You tried real hard in Delhi, 1984, when you killed, among thousands of others, my husband and son - and radicalsed me.

And why comment moderation? Are you afraid of what someone (like me?) might say?

NoMinnows said...

Mai, irrespective of your fondness Bhindranwale was a traitor to India and a killer of Hindus.

If you espouse his philosophy of pulling out Hindus from buses to kill them in broad day light then that's espousing crimes against humanity as heinous as 1984 Delhi events - which happened after many Hindus had been butchered in Punjab - and I know they were because I lost family in Punjab.

Hatred and violence will beget the same.

Mai said...

I am sorry to take so long to answer you, but I wanted to do some research.

I am sorry about your family. I know how empty those words sound because they sound empty when spoken/written to me, especially when spoken, however sincerely, by Hindus. To you, they must sound empty when spoken by a Sikh.

Many Hindus, as well as many Sikhs, were killed in Punjab at that time. I do not believe that Sant Bhindranwale Ji had anything to do with that. Most were killed by Hindus posing as Sikhs to discredit us. Some few were killed by misguided Sikhs who were wrong and should be punished accordingly.

If the promises of Gandhi and Nehru had been kept, none of this would have happened. And today India and Khalistan could live in peace as brothers and sisters, and good neighbours.