Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coke & Islam

So Time - as in magazine - asked, "Were the Mumbai Terrorists Fueled by Coke?"

Not Coca Cola.

But Cocaine, and not only Cocaine but also LSD - evident from traces found left behind and in their blood.

So these were not only brain washed murderous villains they were also drugged out of their mind murderous villains. So now when parts of the Koran which justify or mandate killing the Non Believers and Abducting women aren't enough to cause rape, pillage and mayhem, Mullah's ply the impressionable with Drugs!

How lovely. And this is a religion? Filling people with rage and drugs so they can kill? That's a religion? Instead of being a banned organization this is a religion? It could be called one if it bans and banishes killings of the innocent, but until it does it's an evil cult of mad murderers - and if any Muslims are not mad murderers then they should form a new non killing religion and/ or expel the mad murderers from the existing one. But at this time and place to hoarsely scream that all Muslims aren't killers isn't sounding convincing because these days the only visible face of Islam is the killers.

Israel returned occupied territories to Palestinians and instead of building schools, hospitals, mosques, Muslim terrorists dug tunnels in freed lands to go into Israel to blow up civilians. In India Muslim terrorists have been on a rampage in Delhi, Bangalore,
Mumbai and Jaipur. In Paris, Amsterdam, London and Madrid they're behind terror attacks and killings; instead of seeking education and working their way up and forward into the world Muslims the world over are choosing to relegate themselves into the violent passages and doctrines of Islam. No one is shackling them to the ghetto except themselves - when a Cambodian or a Filipino can make a living and a Muslim remains poor and uneducated that shows that the problem is the Muslims' laziness and unwillingness to adapt, and not a systematic denial of opportunity. Muslims are poor because they do not work hard and are illiterate by choice. Rather than educate their daughters so they can become doctors and scientists Islam is worried whether they wear a head scarf? When a scarf is more important than a woman's future then that religion needs to be banned unless it can be led by a progressive lot, and until that can happen most of the world would view Islam as a barbaric, inhuman, murderous religion controlled by murderous zealots with some impotent, weak, whiny followers who proclaim being peaceful while their leaders spill blood of the innocent.

It might sound revolutionary but if these Mullah's and Imam's were really into God, they would guide the young men and women into paths leading to higher learning and prosperity which will lift the Muslim societies and countries, instead of leading them into drugs and murder. Mullahs are supposed to be redeeming criminals, not turning the innocent into criminals. But then maybe the Mullahs are also on Coke and LSD?


Kanishka said...


But that's a small percentage of them. Yes the percentage is higher than in other religions but it's still a small percentage.

If there are 1% nuts in most religions and 5% nuts in Islam (say) then why blame the 95% of Muslims who are completely peaceful.

Better to just call the 5% Fundamentalists or Terrorists and divorce them from the mainstream religion. The Muslim cemeteries in Mumbai did not even accept the bodies of the terrorists saying that what they did meant that they had broken the laws of Islam and so they were not Muslims.

chuck said...

Kanishka is a dumb ass who talks foolishly. Wonder if he would still talk like an idiot if he or his family had been victims in these attacks? Islam is a violent religion hell bent on dividing the world. Any religion that does not have the betterment of human civilization in it's agenda is not a religion. Read the Koran. It's obvious you haven't. Study history. Read comments by Churchill and Vivekananda about Islam.Hear what Harvard professor Hattington said. Study the subject before you start spouting bulllshit comments Kanishka. We are today in the midst of a clash of civilizations- Islam v/s non Islams. These bastard Muslims and their lunatic prophet have achieved their goal-create fear among the non Islamists. People like you need to educate yourselves before you start talking your habitual nonsense,