Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mumbai - Stupid is Indian Stupid

That the Mumbai Police Chief hasn't been fired despite being perhaps the most inept cop leading perhaps the most inept cops on earth, and all those marchers, and journalists and celebrities haven't demanded his ouster is stupider than stupid.

Before the terrorists there were Bhais especially the Big Dawood Bhai and that there's a nexus between them has been evident for years, yet the man holds on to his job while Mumbai gets extorted and bombed while people hold candles and journalists choke up with emotion talking to bullshit talking celebrities - SRK and Rahul Bose egg on your face for inanities.

Emotional outbursts aren't going to fix things nor will candle light vigils, holding officialdom and self accountable will.

And since Oberoi Trident is reopening on the 21st without formally apologizing for lack of crisis management processes in place when its guests were butchered, and without a firm promise that it's safer today than that night, it would be stupider than stupid to go there, ever. Repairing damage to the building isn't the big point, the huge point is to install systems and procedures and trained personnel to handle another attack, and even if another attack doesn't happen the management owes its guests a promise of safety.

Jyoti Thottam of "Time" mentioned the "chalta hai" Indian attitude in perhaps one of the finest recent articles on Mumbai attacks. And that the marchers and the candle burners and journalists keep talking about hurt emotion instead of demanding better safety standards from Taj and Oberoi owners, firing of local Police Chief, organizing funds and charities to fund Police forces, is suicidally stupid, and being typically "chalta hai" Indian of all talk and little action.

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Pavan said...

well said, I too was surprised that none spoke about making the Police Force well equipped to handle the Situation. Yesterday I saw in a News that in some Country they were practicing the rescue operation for a similar crisis, why did we not do the same when Hilton was Bombed in Pakistan

And the worst we are so ill equipped with the weapons, why not use those advanced weapons available in west which immobilize the person instead of killing them, then we could have ten terrorist alive