Saturday, March 7, 2009

Americans with blinders on blunder along ....

The current economic situation is directly linked to the loss of jobs to foreign nations, which is directly correlated to the reduction in the number of small American business which has directly decimated large chunks of American middle class.

When I came to the USA there were thriving small businesses on thriving Main Streets of thriving small cities. Then the big box stores opened and destroyed smaller hardware stores and nurseries by flying in roses from Columbia and tools from China, and large video store chains ate up mom n' pop video stores, and gigantic grocery stores killed smaller butcher and fresh produce stores. And all the displaced people were not absorbed by technology companies - many went from being secure Americans to mired in debt Americans.

Now we have a chance now that we have a President who seems to have a heart and the balls to do something about America and Americans. And that chance is to create small businesses which made us the richest people on earth - not funky, weird stuff like MLM but real businesses like fruit stands, egg ranches, jam and jelly factories, clothing companies (American Apparel proves it can be done profitably in America).

It's time to reinvent the economy by being directly involved in it by creating businesses and jobs. Like dinosaurs died current Wall Street business model will perish too because it is anti people, anti American, its a model which makes health-care costs soar, destroys American middle class and jobs, and makes most American poor by making a few Speculator Americans rich.

It's time we manufacture what we can buy and it's time we boycott those who do not sell Made in America. In a Nation where Consumer spending accounts for 72% of the economic activity WE THE AMERICANS have a huge clout. Let's wield that clout now. Let's make things here and lets buy what's made here and let's bankrupt those who are against us.

And it's time we took off our blinders and stopped blundering and instead rebuild the nation with the courage and enterprise with it was originally built. We are the free and the brave so now let's create an economy in which we are not the slaves but the owners.

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