Thursday, March 19, 2009

No more Wall Street down my throat

As if enough wasn't enough AIG paid billions to Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch etc. settling it's debt in full. Why was the debt not discounted since we the tax payers are paying for the survival of this corrupt institution made of enemies of American people is beyond my comprehension.

Ethics amongst thieves I guess?

To avoid all assumptions of complicity or softness towards rapacious big business Mr. Obama should remove Neel Kashkari from his position, after all his former firm did receive a very fat chunk of money from the bailout funds given to AIG. Was Neel aware of how our money was going to go to his former firm and friends? Or not? Why take chances of a wolf in an aviary?

In this government there should not be any Wall Street loyalists, only American loyalists. That would prove that Goldman Sachs and Wall Street do not own 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and our conscience.

And on the subject of Wall Street why doesn't Citi bank get it that this isn't the time to spend millions on new Executive suites? I guess greed of thieves?

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xanindia said...

Just let their conscience do the talking. If they can bear the "noise" tickling their minds, then by all means, start the eye opening through proper information dissemination that will surely reach the concern government agency.