Monday, April 20, 2009

Child murdered

Shanno was always in danger.

If her gender was detected pre-birth she might have been aborted. If she survived the beating that killed her she would've endured recurring groping in city buses and other forms of sexual harassment in public places. And then would come the possible danger of being burnt alive or if lucky getting away with just being derided for lack of dowry.

Shanno Khan was murdered by her teacher for failing to memorize and recite the English alphabet. In her school classroom her head was banged on the desk and then she was made to stand in the blazing Delhi summer sun for 2 hours by her teacher.

She was 11 years old:

Shiela Dikshit - the elected head of Delhi - came on TV, solemn faced and spouting philosophic, moral questions like, "..did she deserve to be treated like this.." instead of uni vocally banning corporeal punishment in schools. Mrs. Dikshit has been elected for her 3rd term, credited with building roads and overpasses, while murder, rape and molestations go on unhampered in her City-State - not that roads and overpasses are not important, but human dignity and life are more important, which somehow don't factor on any Indian election manifesto.

Since this isn't the first child killed in India and since this isn't the first time that the Politicians have failed to rally around the cause of banning corporeal punishment in schools; and making violence against children (at least in schools) punishable by dismissal and mandatory jail terms we Indians can either decide to abort girls before they are born so that our baby girls do not risk the Shanno fate, or we can bash heads of the politicians against their desks and then make them stand in Delhi summer sun, or we can take a moment of silence for Shanno and then boot out the callous lawmakers and start a new India in which human life and decency are measures of Shining India.

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