Thursday, April 16, 2009

Islam in Action

If there is truth in truism that actions speak louder than words then the proof of Islam in Action could be in Rachel Abrams' April 16th post based on actual news reports from Saudi Arabia:

How long will the world's simply naive, or evilly stupid convince themselves and the world that this is a religion of beauty, piety and poetry when murder, rape and suppression are daily expressions of Islam?

Until "Hadeeths"; "Fatwas"; "Death to Kafirs" and the doctrine of "Nizam-e-Mustafa" are exorcised from their "faith" Muslims professing peace and love, in truth, are, and will be practicing a book that sanctions rape and statutory rape by "marrying" children, and murder, in the name of God.

Neither Rachel nor the Weekly Standard are Hindus or members of the "Sangh Parivaar". They are clear eyed Americans seeing what Islam is doing to women and children, which the Hindu Intelligentsia and the Indian Press refuse or fail to see.

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